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"5 questions for Jan-Willem Tolkamp"

MLA Diagnostics: because being there early makes a difference

MLA Diagnostics invents and develops tools to detect skin cancer aggressiveness at an early stage.



Food industry: dynamics demand sustainability

The diversity in the food industry in the Netherlands is enormous: a broad and diverse pallet of companies, from large to small, make full-fledged products from m

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Opening OPZuid ERDF 2021-2027

Do you have an innovative project for which you want to apply for European funding? You can do so again!



Here's how to make your organization data-driven

In our data-driven world, you as an executive can no longer avoid it either. What is the value of data-driven work in your organization?



Agrifood organizations give circularity a face

Several organizations from the agrifood sector contributed to an impact video on circularity within the chain.



Get inspired during the LIOF event on September 28th!

Do you want or need to do something with sustainable business? But don't know how? Keep 28 September free in your agenda, then LIOF will help you on your way!



3rd round Innovation Fund for low-carbon projects

From fossil fuels to green energy.

StoneCycling: sustainable designer bricks

This digital magnifier allows surgeons and dentists to do their work even more accurately

i-Med Technology, based at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, has developed a successor to tools such as microscopes and magnifying glasses: A head-worn di

Hy2Care: a promising hydrogel for healthier joints

It's no surprise: aging comes with a few - physical - challenges. Sore bodies, bad knees, joint pain.

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Sustainable business is a breeze for EGGXPERT

EGGXPERT is an innovative startup that offers a unique skincare experience with a sustainable solution.



Electric tractor driving calls for leaders

Manufacturers are reluctant to build electric tractors. Importers and dealers are therefore picking up the gauntlet themselves. Also Fendt importer Agromec.



Dragons'Den returns!

Dragons' Den returns!



Jos Keijzers: 'Lupin cultivation is pioneering in every sense'

Farmers in the Limburg and Brabant Peel are experimenting with the cultivation of lupine.

Embloom unburdens for better care

Embloom provides a user-friendly and effective e-health platform through which it helps improve the lives of millions of people.