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Eco-innovation: the game-changer in the world of sustainable business

We live in a time when sustainability is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Horeca wastes 5.6 million kilograms less food - but still close to 650 million euros

Compared to 2019, the hospitality industry wasted 9.2% less food. Restaurants wasted 9% less food, hotels 17.6%.



LIOF accelerates digital transformation for SMEs: build your own robot during Botathon

Not in the mood for routine chores at work? Want your staff to be able to engage in work that really matters? Then start building a digital employee!

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Financial support for biocircular innovations

In an easily accessible way, the Interreg project Realise-Bio stimulates the creation of a bio-circular economy in the Euroregion.

"The what and how of circular business models"

Bernardushoeve can handle crowds with ordering and dispensing kiosks

At Inn de Bernardushoeve on the outskirts of Voerendaal, it's usually busy.

Sparring together on solutions for senior care

Together you can come up with the best ideas.

6 questions to ... David from Run Street

David van de Runstraat owns Rederij Cascade in Maasbracht with his wife Bianca.



Energy poverty makes poor

According to energy leader Arash Aazami, 2.5 billion people worldwide live in energy poverty.

Top Sector T&U Innovation Prize 2023

In 2023, the fifth edition of the presentation of the Top Sector Horticulture & Starting Materials #impact2025 International Innovation Prize will tak

Blender Maastricht: versatile cultural center in the heart of Maastricht

The former Sphinx Maastricht carpentry factory is building a new future as a versatile cultural meeting center with numerous possibilities, including hospitality.

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Energy transition: bring everyone on board

Lex Uiting sat down at the LIOF festival to talk with Linda Groenen, director of Atriensis Innovation and Lieke Potten, program manager of Regional Energy Strateg

Innovative wine company in the Limburg hill country

BruisendWijnHuis Domein Holset, an innovative wine company in the Heuvelland region, has received financial support from LIOF LimburgTourism.

Apply through September 6, 2023!

Boost your Circular Impact: CollectiveProject

Find out where your company stands on circularity and energy. 75% reimbursement of costs.

Apply through December 1, 2023!

SABE advisory voucher for livestock farms with peak loads

Does your livestock operation fall under the peak load approach? Then you have a lot to deal with.



Circularity as an innovative breeding ground

Recently, national media extensively headlined that the much-desired circular economy is still a long way off.