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The Ukraine war made us realize how dependent we are. For example in gas, but also in raw materials in general. We want to get rid of that. Often it starts with less virgin raw materials or using less raw materials you need to make your product. But if you really want to become circular, you have to get products back to reuse and start embracing a different business model.

What schemes or programs's may be of interest to you?

The partners of shiftLimburg offer you help within the circular transition and are happy to assist you. But there are also interesting schemes and programs's that add value in the choices you want to make. We highlight some of them for you.

CIRCO Hub Limburg

LIOF and Rabobank are the founders of CIRCO Hub Limburg with the aim: to inspire and incite more circular activity in Limburg.  Together, we help entrepreneurs in concrete CIRCO tracks to realize their circular ambitions in practice: within 7 steps we take you from linear to circular! And we show you that this social impact goes very well with economic return. In March starts a CIRCO track 'business opportunities for sustainability'. LIOF and Rabobank organize this track together with Land van de Makers this three-day workshop.

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How are you reducing your waste?

16 tons per person. This is the amount of raw materials used in Europe each year. Ten tons of that goes to structural items (think infrastructure, housing, durable goods) and six tons leave the economy as waste. In our current economic system, this gigantic mountain of waste is only getting bigger. Moreover, numerous raw materials are being depleted. The Interreg project From Waste 2 Profit tackles this problem and helps you as an entrepreneur to reduce your waste mountain through circular entrepreneurship. 

If you would like more information about this, please contact Juanita Valdivieso at LIOF:

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What is good today can be better tomorrow!

Do you see opportunities for your company to contribute to a sustainable and healthy food system? With the Business Innovation Program Food (BIPF) we help you to get a clear picture of which ideas are promising and how to translate them into concrete new business models for your company. The BIPF is especially for entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector. 

If you want more information or want to register, please contact Sjaak Berden of LIOF:

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Food Waste Challenge

Food waste in the hospitality industry: it seems almost inevitable. Every hospitality entrepreneur sees half-empty plates returned to the kitchen every day. And not because the dish doesn't taste good, but because, for whatever reason, the customer doesn't eat everything. But you can't control this, can you? And if I get into this, will it get me anything? The answer to both questions is a resounding YES. And that's what the Food Waste Challenge is for! A challenge that Rabobank and LIOF, together with Wastewatchers, are organizing for Limburg's catering entrepreneurs.

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Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20

Limburg entrepreneurs are working hard to realize circular innovations. Such as reusing raw materials and waste, so that we no longer exhaust the earth. To put all these innovations on the map, to keep them in the picture structurally, and to inspire each other, the Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20 is being organized for the second time. The Limburg Innovation Top 20 is an initiative of LWV, in cooperation with Keyport, Province of Limburg, LIOF and Rabobank.

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