Workshop: increasing your findability on the internet

Item date:

19 April

Event location: Online

09:00 - 15:00

How do I get found online as a business and ensure that a website visitor becomes a paying customer?

For this, entrepreneurs need to be found well online. This workshop discusses the do's and don'ts of online visibility and increasing the reach through the website or social media channels. Knowledge from this workshop will lead to knowledge whereby the marketing strategy of your company can become a good online strategy.

This is a great workshop for entrepreneurs.

The MKB Datalab Limburg offers practical support, advice and training in the field of digital transformation and data analysis for entrepreneurs. We would like to help you one step (for free) further and provide this workshop together with Vista College and Gilde Opleidingen.

We are happy to help you.

What does this workshop consist of?

  1. Introduction: 09:00, short introduction focused on the method, process and support.
  2. A supporting film: to introduce the theme and the approach.
  3. A help desk: will be available from 09:15 to 15:00 for support for this workshop.

The advantage of this format of the workshop is that you can watch the film back at any time through the SME Datalab.

In addition, you can approach the helpdesk directly to get started with the topic or schedule an appointment to receive support at another time. The Vista College and Gilde Opleidingen are affiliated with the MKB Datalab Limburg and provide practical advice and support for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs with digitization questions.

The helpdesk can also be used to answer questions about the digitalization process.

There is no maximum number of participants and for up to 20 companies there is room for a more intensive process with students in a challenge assignment.