Workplace Europe: circular economies without borders

Item date:

13 May

Event location: Tapijn Brasserie (Maastricht University)

Hele dag -

Workplace Europe: Circular Economies without Borders aims to share knowledge and promote community building around circular economy in border regions. As a regionally anchored center of expertise for Europe-related debate and research, Studio Europa Maastricht aims to strengthen collaboration in this area. We aim to bring together for this workshop representatives from regional companies, circular start-ups, multinationals, science hubs, intermediaries, civil society organizations, governments and universities. 

What to expect? 

On Friday, May 13, starting at 13:00, we will unpack the theme of circular economy in the context of European border regions. Through a keynote speech and an interactive workplace with key stakeholders in the regional circular ecosystem and participants of the Maastricht-Lille 2022 Cross Créathon, Workplace Europe will bring together different sectors and cultural perspectives.

Together we will reflect on questions such as: 

  • What are the challenges and opportunities for the circular economy in post-industrial border regions such as the Meuse-Rhine Euregio and the European metropolis of Lille? 
  • How do European initiatives such as the Circular Economy Action Plan translate to these regional contexts? 
  • What is needed to put these ambitions into practice?

We will translate the insights gathered during the day into proposals for further experiments, research topics and potential project ideas. Finally, the aim is to disseminate the results on a regional and European level.