Webinar: AI @ Open University & CAROU

Item date:

12 July

Event location: Online

19:00 - 20:30

On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, the online webinar AI @ Open University & CAROU will take place. During this webinar Prof. Dr. Hans van Ditmarsch, professor and program leader of the Artificial Intelligence program, and Dr. Stefano Bromuri, associate professor, will tell you all about the program and research within CAROU. Afterwards our study advisor Janine Voncken will tell you everything about studying at the Open University and you can contact her with all your practical questions. The webinar starts at 19.00 hours and can be followed via Microsoft Teams. You can register now.


Master Artificial Intelligence

How can you develop your own responsible AI system to solve problems and improve processes, services and products? That is the central question within the Master's program in Artificial Intelligence. The master deals with modern, scientific methods for model- and data-oriented AI and zooms in explicitly on the social and ethical aspects.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is currently at the center of attention. It increasingly influences our daily existence and touches all sectors. Think of the environment, health, safety or logistics. This raises all kinds of practical and social questions. The AI master's programme offers answers to these and other topical questions. But above all, you get to know the technical craftsmanship of AI itself on the basis of a sophisticated course of ten subjects. Topics such as machine learning, neural networks and Bayesian methods are covered in great detail. A separate course is devoted to the ethical questions surrounding AI. During the master we test both knowledge and practical insight. The implementation of AI projects is at least as important as sitting exams to test acquired knowledge more systematically.



The Center for Actionable Research of the Open University (CAROU) is a young and dynamic research group of talented scientists, engineers, facilitators, and makers. Conducting actionable research is the goal; research with real, observable, tangible, actionable results with both academic and business value. To achieve this goal, they enjoy building co-creation partnerships with organizations at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, the region, and elsewhere to support their innovation efforts in both technological and social domains. CAROU capitalizes on the substantial research expertise and experience present in various research programs of the Open University and focuses on the following research domains: Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Social Innovation & Data Science, Business Analytics.

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