The symposium about the future of our region

Item date:

06 October

Event location: Beachclub Degreez in Panheel

19:00 - 23:00

For the colleges of B & W and councillors, for entrepreneurs and education and for anyone who would like to contribute to the future of the region of Midden Limburg and Cranendonck. So it's for you! Keep Thursday, October 6 from 19.00 free. You are welcome at the attractive Beachclub Degreez in Panheel.

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What are we going to do?

Talking about sustainable living and working? About the growing shortage of personnel? About promoting our region? And about the climate for establishing businesses? Undoubtedly. We are going to talk to each other about a region where it is good to live and work. We do that constructively and practically. Interactive and solution-oriented. And with surprising eye-openers about the role you have in it. Three strengthening and connecting organizations, OML, Keyport and SML, will take you through the opportunities, challenges and successes of our region;


Will we see you there?

Rest assured, it won't be a boring meeting, but a surprising, energetic one. We are going to share experiences and knowledge. In addition, a delicious snack and drinks are planned. We are not going to reveal too much at this stage. An invitation with more information will follow; Leave your details here and we will keep you informed about the symposium on 6 Oct 2022. Interested attendees will have the first opportunity to register for the Symposium. There is room for +/- 200 visitors.


More info and registration