Digitization and data-driven work in the tourism sector

Item date:

24 January

Event location: Hotel School Maastricht

Hele dag -

Information about guest and visitor spending, as well as information about bookings, weather, event dates, etc, has a great deal of diversity and is in many different places.

Fingerspitzengefuhl and entrepreneurial experience

Knowing when to use more or lessĀ in terms of purchases or personnel to get more turnover in your hotel, restaurant, B&B, amusement park, etc.

Nowadays there are digital tools that can support you as an entrepreneur to get much more out of information you already have (cash register data, preferences or wishes of customers/visitors) or which you can easily obtain (weather forecast, events, traffic information). This information is called data for short and is worth its weight in gold for your business.

On 24 January 2022 you can gain knowledge during a master class for the tourism sector about how you can use data to achieve more turnover or to clarify where new business opportunities lie for your company. The location is the Hotelschool in Maastricht.