Are you innovating with us?

Item date:

19 April

Event location: Livestream online

15:30 - 17:00

The world is changing; standing still is not an option for entrepreneurs. To remain relevant as an entrepreneur, you need to have foresight. How do you determine that dot on the horizon, which tools do you use to innovate and how do you integrate this within your organization? And how do you deal with the social challenges of tomorrow? These are all questions we will address during the online masterclass series "Innove jij mee?". The kick-off is on April 19 at 15.30 hours. Will you be there?

During three meetings we want to inspire you as an entrepreneur to start working with innovation and social impact and we offer you tools to put this directly into practice. We also inform you about the concrete support opportunities that the program Limburg Futureproof can offer you as an entrepreneur.


Tuesday 19 April 15.30-17.00 hrs: Kick-Off: Keynote and discussion with entrepreneurs about innovation (Livestream Online)


Speaker: Guido Stompff, Lecturer in Design Thinking, InHolland University of Applied Sciences Guido Stompff discusses innovation using the theme "innovating in the wild". How do you do this? Why do we find this so difficult as an organization? He gives practical examples and tips & tricks. He also talks to entrepreneurs who are working on this and asks about their experiences. Be inspired!


Tuesday, May 10 15.30-17.00: Masterclass Design Thinking (Teams)


Trainer: Daan Snijders, Innovation Booster How do you come up with an innovative solution that your customer is waiting for? Daan Snijders will actively work with you and share the basic principles of Design Thinking. What is Design Thinking and how do you use it? You get concrete examples and tools to work with this method to innovate more customer-oriented. The number of places is limited (max. 25 participants).


Tuesday, May 24 15.30-17.00: Masterclass Employee Engagement (Teams)


Trainer: Daan Snijders, Innovation Booster Innovation is exciting and requires a dynamic organization. How do you create an innovative mind-set and culture within your company? How do you get your employees to go along with the introduction of a new way of working or a major change? Daan Snijders takes you into the world of Employee Engagement and Change Management. He shares the most important tips & tricks and will discuss concrete cases to apply this in your own organization. The number of places is limited (max. 25 participants).

Do you work for a start-up, scale-up or SME operating in the province of Limburg and does the program appeal to you? Do you want to do more with innovation within your organization and make an active contribution to the social challenges of tomorrow? Sign up now for one or more sessions within this series. Participation is free, the sessions can all be followed separately and will be streamed online. We look forward to seeing your registration!

Participation is free of charge, the sessions can all be followed separately and will be streamed online. You will receive the link for the kickoff on April 19 after registration.

The link is free of charge.