Agri and Food Logistics Congress 2022

Item date:

21 April

Event location: Breepark Breda

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In economic terms, the fresh produce chain is of great importance to the Netherlands, but the need for more sustainable transport is even greater. However, logistics solutions are still in their infancy. How can we meet customer demand in which everything has to be more frequent, fresher and faster and everything has to be sustainable at the same time?

During the first edition of the Agri and Food Logistics Congress on April 21 we will discuss it with various parties from the sector. What are the challenges and which innovative solutions are there? How do companies like FrieslandCampina, Oatly and North Freeze look at this? Don't miss out. Register quickly and take advantage of the early bird discount until March 1.

Combine with Multimodal Transport Expo Agri and Food Logistics Congress will take place on April 21 from 12:00 - 18:00 in the Breepark in Breda. Simultaneously with the congress, Nieuwsblad Transport is organizing the Multimodal Transport Expo. So you can perfectly combine your participation in the congress with a visit to the exhibition.

Information about the program, the partners and more can be found here.