Health Innovation Euregion

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05 juli

Event location: Maastricht

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In practice, we often see that (starting) entrepreneurs and scientists have difficulty finding the right partners and organizations that can help them take the next steps in order to actually innovate. A shame!

How can we help this target group to further develop their valuable and promising inventions? By exchanging knowledge and experiences and learning from and with each other. To this end, we are organizing the Health Innovation Euregion Event 2022 in Maastricht on 5 July. We asked entrepreneurs, enterprising researchers, Rabobank and Medtronic to candidly share their experiences and visions. Of course there is plenty of opportunity before and after to network and meet each other personally during speed dating.

The Health Innovation Euregion Event 2022 is intended for anyone who has the ambition to increase the innovation of products and services for human health. Either through entrepreneurship or through complementary partnerships. We do this by linking the ecosystems of the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, Belgian and Dutch Limburg and North Rhine-Westphalia and showing what they can mean for entrepreneurs. Are you such a person? Then register now.

Spoken language for this event is English.



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