Decode the universe secret – How Artificial Intelligence helps us to detect the space signals

Datum van item

24 juni

Event location: Brightlands Smart Services Campus

14:00 - 15:45

Date and time: June 24, 2022 (14:00-15:45)

About the event

Almost 100 years ago, Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves. In 2015, scientists detected gravitational waves for the very first time. Gravitational waves contain information about the most extreme events in the universe, from the nature of black holes and neutron stars to the first moments after the Big Bang. Today, an advanced gravitational-wave observatory called Einstein Telescope will be built in Europe. The border region between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is being considered as a possible location.

Why is that important not only for the scientists but also for a much wider public society? How to decode the signals and identify the source of our universe? This is a challenge of global proportions, with fantastic opportunities for science and technology. The Dutch government intends to conditionally allocate 42 million euros from the Dutch National Growth Fund to the Einstein Telescope, and is also reserving 870 million euros for a future Dutch contribution to the construction. National Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef, the Province of Limburg, and regional development agency LIOF jointly drew up the growth fund proposal last year, supported by the Ministries of OCW and EZK.

We believe the discovery and innovation associated will be an enormous boost for the local business and technology development. As a part of the Einstein Telescope Technology project, we will host one of the first public events at Heerlen. You will have an excellent opportunity to learn something new, to discover the innovative business ideas, to check if you can be a part of this exciting journey, to expand your professional network, and to have a nice drink in the beautiful south of the Netherlands!


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