Brightlands Medical Device Masterclass

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25 oktober

Event location: Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus

16:00 - 19:00

Brightlands Medical Device Masterclass

Brightlands Medical Device Masterclass

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USA Market Access: Determining the commercial viability of healthcare innovations

The USA market is the largest market in the world for medical innovation and determining early an innovation’s commercial viability potential is a key gating item for achieving success in this market. In this Masterclass, you will gain a better understanding of the unique complexities of the USA market, the motivations of the numerous stakeholders involved in the decision-making process; and how to effectively assess, plan and understand the full potential of an innovation’s commercial viability in the USA.

This Masterclass is organized by Brightlands and RQR Capital especially for University startups.

Masterclass agenda

Reimbursement and Health Economics: Coding, Coverage and Payment The US is a consumer driven healthcare market with significant patient costs, which is influenced by profit driven mentality of insurance providers, hospitals and clinicians. Profit and loss are as much of a concern as patient care.

Market Access; Penetration, Utilization, Adoption Understanding the point of care dynamics is a key component to success. In the USA, this is a long process with significant challenges. Learning who the stakeholders are and gaining access is dependent on understanding the motivations of all the key decision makers.

Strategic Pricing: Effectively maximize impact and profitability. What is the value of the problem you are solving, and what will they pay for it? Analyzing workflow, stakeholder benefits and motivations while understanding how an innovation creates value throughout the entire patient journey and continuum of care.

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