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11 November 2022

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short chain

Short Chain Academy

Do you take the reins yourself?

Would you like to have more control over your sales and margin, and be less dependent on third parties? But do you not yet know how to do this? Then the Short Chain Academy is for you! It is a complete academy trajectory especially for Limburg agricultural entrepreneurs, in which you get the knowledge and tools to successfully market your product. The goal? Sales of your product in the short food chain that really contribute to the operating result;

The Short Chain Academy is an initiative of the LLTB, made possible in part by the Province of Limburg.

Short Chain Academy

The Short Chain Academy consists of five substantive themes and a final meeting that you will follow together with other entrepreneurs who, like you, also want to excel in entrepreneurship in the short chain. You will do so under the guidance of several experts (coaches). At the end of this academy you will have a solid business plan, you will know what to do to be successful in a short(er) chain and you will have made your first interesting connections in the food world. In short: you are in control!

Who is the Short Chain Academy for?

The Short Chain Academy is especially for Limburg agricultural entrepreneurs who want to process and/or sell their own products. So...
- Do you have an idea for the sale of products via a short chain or have you already started doing so?
- Do you need guidance, specific knowledge and/or need inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs with the same challenges and enthusiasm?

Examples of a short chain

  • A sales concept to market products from its own yard directly to consumers
  • Online sales
  • A collaboration between multiple producers to jointly shorten the chain
  • A store at a location other than one's own business
  • Supplying products to different channels to reach consumers more directly
  • Developing new (processed) products to serve a more specific market

The curriculum

  • Entrepreneurship: you will gain insight into your motivations and competencies and write your value strategy of your idea. You also seek collaboration with strategic partners;
  • Market, customer and sales: what does the market look like, who are your customers and what are their needs? What makes your product unique and how do you tell this story?
  • Logistics organization: how do you organize efficient and profitable logistics?
  • Revenue model: what target group do you want to reach and how do you want to reach them? A good revenue model starts with a well-thought-out business model;
  • Finance: what are the financial aspects of your business? How much capital do you need and how do you finance it? Attention to revenues and costs, your financial result and the development of liquidity.
  • Pitch workshop and closing meeting: in the pitch workshop you will be fully prepared for the final pitch during the closing meeting. Important stakeholders (e.g., marketing parties, caterers, meal processors and retailers) will be present at the final meeting. 

The classes consist of theory, coaching moments as well as guest speakers. These are on the one hand guest speakers from the business world and on the other hand speakers who share their own experiences as a company in a short chain.


  • Start in January 2023
  • 6 meetings of one half-day each
  • Approximately every 2 weeks at varying Limburg locations
  • In addition, a number of hours of individual coaching

Intake for participation

Before you can participate, there is a so-called 'intake'. Here you explain your ambitions and plans, after which we look at whether your ambition fits the Short Chain Academy or what other steps you can take.

Price for participation

The Short Chain Academy is open to both LLTB members and non-members and costs € 400, - excl. VAT.

Interested or questions?

Contact Erik Dings at or 06 83 23 91 27 to receive more information about the Short Chain Academy and the schedule.


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