Over 6.6 million euros available for agricultural sector investments Limburg

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10 November 2022

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Over 6.6 million euros available for agricultural sector investments Limburg

An application can be submitted to the Province of Limburg from November 1, 2022 to December 15, 2022 for the POP3 subsidy section 2A 'physical investments for innovation and modernization of agricultural enterprises'. An amount of EUR 6.6 million is available.

The grant is intended to encourage agricultural and horticultural farmers in the transition to a sustainable future to invest in innovation and modernization of their businesses. The grant consists of an amount of over 6.6 million euros divided between two components, namely agriculture and water.

Five categories

The agriculture component consists of four investment categories:

A: Precision agriculture and smart farming; B: Digitalization: D: Sustainable farming and E: Nature-inclusive and circular agriculture.

These include sprayers with drift-reducing techniques, monitoring sensors, automatic electric feeding systems and machinery for growing new protein crops.

The water component concerns investments in category C: Water, water quality, drought and nuisance. This includes press juice collection systems, sweeping machines and water basins for collecting rainwater.

Delegate Lia Roefs: 'With these subsidies we can help farmers with the purchase of installations and machines. This allows them to strengthen their position in the field of innovation and modernization in sustainability and thus contribute to the tasks that lie ahead.'


For categories A, B, D and E, the minimum grant amount is €20,000 and for C it is €5,000. For all categories, the maximum grant is 150,000 euros.

An applicant may apply for a grant to invest in either agriculture or water. This application may consist of a maximum of two investments. Applications are selected through a tender (investment list). This means that all applications submitted within the time period specified in the opening decision, if they meet the grant conditions, will be assessed and scored.

POP3 is the Rural Development Program 2014-2022 of the Province of Limburg. The conditions and how to submit applications can be found at: POP3

Rijksregeling POP3+ 2022

There will also be a similar national scheme. In the period from December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023, there will be an opening of the Investment Scheme POP3+ 2022. For more information, please visit the website of, RVO, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, which will implement the scheme.

Please note that it is possible to apply for a grant from both schemes, but it is not possible to receive a grant from both schemes for the same investments.

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