60 euro subsidy/ha for compost on South Limburg fields

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9 November 2022

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Grant compost

60 euro subsidy/ha for compost on South Limburg fields

South Limburg farmers and fruit growers can receive a subsidy of 60 euros per hectare from the Limburg Water Board if they apply at least 10 tons of compost per hectare on plots with a slope of at least 2 percent before December 1, 2022. The purpose of this incentive scheme is to increase the water holding capacity of the soil and as a water bucket. The subsidy can no longer be applied for this year.

Loess soil belongs to the loamy soils. The soil aggregates of these soils quickly disintegrate into smaller parts. As a result, after a rainfall event, sloughing occurs quickly, causing the soil to absorb less water. One option to reduce rut formation is to increase organic matter content. The annual supply of large amounts of organic matter can provide this. However, due to legal restrictions (phosphate supply), this is only possible to a limited extent. Organic matter has many advantages in terms of workability, soil stability, carbon storage, water retention capacity and promotion of rooting. On balance, this improves infiltration capacity and thus reduces the risk of water runoff and erosion. As more water infiltrates the soil, less nutrients and crop protection products also wash off.

Maintaining or increasing organic matter can be done by increasing the supply of organic matter (crop residues, green manures and manure) and reducing decomposition by applying minimal tillage.

Subsidy compost

To encourage the application of compost as a water-storing and water-inhibiting measure, the Limburg Water Board has decided to provide a subsidy to farmers, fruit growers and nurserymen who apply compost to their sloping plots. This subsidy, of 60 euros per hectare (maximum 15 hectares), is provided by the Limburg Water Board for the application of compost on both arable land and on the black strip of fruit plantations. New applications for growing season 2022 are no longer possible.


This scheme is aimed at farmers and fruit growers active in South Limburg with plots (field, fruit or tree plantation) with a slope of at least two percent. Farmers to whom this subsidy is awarded must supply at least 10 tons of compost per hectare by December 1, 2022. This compost must comply with Article 17 of the Fertilizer Implementation Decree. Specifically, this means that it must contain less than 0.5% by weight of soil-borne non-biodegradable parts. This subsidy can be applied for through the digital subsidy portal of Waterschap Limburg.


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