Zukunfts.Symposium Agropole

Item date:

17 March

Event location: Villafloraweg 1 Venlo

Hele dag -

Agropole - This is the border area along the Niederrhein and the province of Limburg where agribusiness has a special significance for the economy and society. Did you know that this German-Dutch border area is one of the most important agribusiness regions in Europe? The sector is increasingly growing together across the border. This is where innovations emerge that strengthen the local economy and provide solutions to challenges that do not stop at national borders.

This is what you can expect at the Zukunfts.Symposium Agropole

  • Innovations and the latest findings from science and industry

Efficient use of natural resources
Healthy and sustainable food
Digitization and automation
Attractiveness of the work field for employees

  • Inspiration by diverse ideas and approaches to solutions
  • Exchange on trends and developments