The world of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

Item date:

23 May

Event location: Enversed - Veemgebouw | Floor 7 - Torenallee 100-02 - 5617 BE Eindhoven

14:00 - 18:00

The Digital Data Square Zuid-Nederland (DDSZ) and Data Science for Logistics Innovation (DALI) projects are organizing a theme meeting on May 23 around the topic of Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality. The goal is to present knowledge, trends, developments and current projects to participants of DDSZ, DALI and other interested parties.

With the use of digital technologies, processes and work can be simplified and performed more efficiently. Some of these technologies are used to enrich or simulate reality and are known as augmented reality,  virtual reality and mixed reality. For business, these technologies offer interesting opportunities. For example, they are already being used for training purposes, instructing employees in operational processes and performing and supporting remote inspections.  Despite successful examples, there are also still many questions about these modern technologies such as:  

  • What is the sense and nonsense of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality?  
  • What technologies are already successfully applied in logistics and supply chain? 
  • What added value can augmented, virtual and/or mixed reality have for our organization?



    <14:00 walk-in for other invited guests <14:30 Bas Groot opens the proceedings.
  • 14.40: Enversed: What is already possible?
  • 15.00: Break out session 1
  • .
  • 15.35: Drinks & Exchange
  • .
  • 15.50: Break out session 2
  • 16.20 pm: Retrieve questions/comments
  • 16.30 hrs: Discussion led by Nicolien Hendrickx
  • .
  • 17.00 hours: networking drinks and demos
  • 18.00 hrs: end



XR - Application in training and commercial process: visualizing abstract activities.

B&V: training business assistance

Cofano: application in operational process: Stacking container

BUas car simulator: learning and training / making complex situation manageable

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