Vegetable Proteins Workshop

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24 November

Event location: HAS Den Bosch

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vegetable protein workshop

Vegetable Proteins Workshop

In short

Due to the growth of the world population and the need for sustainable solutions, plant-based proteins are increasingly being used in place of animal proteins. Often it is not easy to achieve the desired product properties with plant-based proteins. In the Plant Proteins workshop you will see the (im)possibilities of application of different plant proteins and learn more about the aspects of the different proteins.

About the course

With the trend toward more plant-based foods, there is a need for plant-based proteins that possess the same functionalities as animal proteins. In food production, proteins are often used for various technological purposes such as emulsification, binding, foaming, thickening, flavour, protein enrichment, texturizing and stabilization. In many cases, animal proteins such as milk protein, egg protein and gelatin are used for these purposes. Often it is not easy to achieve similar flavor and texture with plant proteins. Understanding the functionality of plant proteins is necessary to enable the replacement of animal proteins.

What can you do after the Vegetable Proteins workshop?

After attending the Vegetable Proteins workshop, you can:

  • Explain the functions of proteins in a food.
  • Making choices in which plant proteins are suitable alternative options, for different uses.
  • Apply the knowledge to your own products.

For whom?

The Plant Proteins workshop is of interest to anyone dealing with the increasing demand for plant proteins in products, such as product developers, category managers, nutritionists and marketers. You will learn what the role of proteins is in food products. This knowledge can be applied directly to your own products or product categories.

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