Trade mission for start-ups to Digital Demo Day in Düsseldorf

Item date:

17 - 19 August

Event location: Digital Innovation Hub, Düsseldorf

- Hele dag

Is your start-up ready for a foreign country? Are your future customers located in Germany? Or do you want to expand your network and get in touch with investors just across the border? Then join the start-up mission to Digital Demo Day (DDD) in Düsseldorf from 17 August to 19 August. At this mission there are great opportunities literally around the corner.

Digital Demo Day is the German 'leading tech event' where start-ups and investors will meet this summer. 

Digital Demo Day 2022

More than 4,000 visitors in one day, 200 start-ups, more than 100 investors and a lot of focus on matchmaking. That's DDD in a nutshell. There are 3 central themes this year: 

  1. High tech
  2. Sustainability
  3. Metaverse

These fast-growing German markets are close by. This offers Dutch start-ups many opportunities. 

Nordrhein-Westfalen and Düsseldorf: an ideal jumping-off point

Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) is Germany's most important economic state. The capital of this state, Düsseldorf, is the political center of NRW. It is home to the latest industrial manufacturing companies, German cell phone companies and innovative start-ups. The more than 350 start-ups, hubs, accelerators and incubators are very important for innovating the economy in and around Düsseldorf.

A quarter of Dutch exports go to Germany; the majority to NRW. This makes NRW the most important trading partner of the Netherlands. Many Dutch entrepreneurs therefore use the state as the perfect starting point for their international growth. Around 4,000 Dutch companies are located in NRW.

In 2022, the Innovation Bridge (Innovation Bridge Netherlands) was established by the Metropole Ruhr, the core region in the middle of NRW, in cooperation with the Consulate General in Düsseldorf. This cooperation makes the Ruhr an ideal springboard for Dutch start-ups and companies that want to conquer the German market. It should trigger innovation impulses and possible collaborations for this area. 

Go along with this mission and discover for yourself what North Rhine-Westphalia has to offer.

Why join?

The purpose of the mission is to support promising Dutch start-ups in their international growth. The mission offers you a platform to present your company to an international audience. In addition, you come into contact with potential customers, investors, partners and other start-ups. With this mission we show the strength of the Dutch start-up ecosystem. And you are part of it.

The mission to Düsseldorf offers a great opportunity to:

  • present your product or service to a large and international audience;
  • enable you to
  • validate/test your product or service;
  • attract new customers
  • Attract new clients;
  • expand your network internationally
  • enter into strategic partnerships with other companies;
  • meet potential investors;
  • attract talent;
  • generate media coverage;
  • gain knowledge of the German market and competition;

For whom?

You can participate if your start-up meets the following requirements:

  • Your product or service is high-tech, innovative and potentially disruptive.
  • There is a proven market acceptance for your product or service in the Dutch market.
  • Your product or service is a start-up with a proven market acceptance.
  • You have started with - or are ready for - international scale-up.
  • Your start-up is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. 
  • The technology behind your product or service is focused on Business-to-Business (b2b).
  • You have a presentable or visible prototype.

Do you not exactly fit the profile above, but you have a convincing motivation? Then let us know when you apply why you should be part of the Dutch delegation to Düsseldorf.  

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