Online webinar: Cyber Security more relevant than ever

Item date:

12 July

Event location: Online

15:00 - 17:00

Given the current geopolitical climate Cyber Security has never been so relevant. How do you up your cyber security game?

This webinar will help you to understand more, so you can feel safer online. Deep knowledge of Cyber Security will be shared combined with live demonstrations to make knowledge stick and tangible.

This webinar will help you understand more, so you can feel safer online.

  • Thinking like a cybercriminal - How threat actors think and operate. It's only when you know how to attack that you know how to defend, hacking demos will be given to see it in real-time. In addition, we will deep dive into OSINT usage with demonstration, techniques, and tools. 
  • Threat hunting and cyber choke points - a look into the difference between legacy point solution approach and cloud native approach for creating choke points on the killchain as well as enhancing threat hunting and threat intel programs. Deep dive into MITRE ATT&CK and how to use it to operationalize threat intelligence with demonstration.
  • The hackers backpack - bad USBs, bad cables, bad Wifi, evil RFID and more - Live demonstration on different hacking tools and how to combine them with OSINT for complete victim domination! 
  • Cyber Security myths busted - At the end we will close off with some myths around Cyber Security.

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