Masterclass SWARM organization

Item date:

18 October

Event location: LWV, Roermond

15:00 - 17:30

A new route to the organization of the future. The LWV offers the following master class: SWARM organization.



Self-organizing collectives facilitate a behavior that continuously creates each required behavior, for each specific event, in each specific environment and at each specific time.

In nature, such self-organizing collectives have existed for millions of years: swarms.

Our society is changing at a breakneck pace. These changes are almost entirely due to developments in technology and many of us are having great difficulty keeping up. This is mainly caused by the way we have been conditioned to think about, behave in and structure our organizations. This creates a so-called adaptation gap that causes many problems. The ever-increasing regulatory pressure is a clear sign that the hierarchically structured organizational model no longer suffices.

To seize the opportunities of the future, organizations will have to significantly improve their adaptability. The solution lies in creating a self-organizing and low hierarchical collective, in which connection, innovation and adaptation lead to a new impetus for the appreciation of the organization by all its stakeholders. An organization in which people can be inspired and free, and put their energy and talents to optimal use for what motivates them.

Successful organizations of the future are not 'built-to-last', but 'built-to-adapt'.


What does it get you?

During this Masterclass, Evert Bleijenberg will discuss the following issues:

  • Why does our current way of organizing no longer suffice?
  • What are the principles and benefits of swarm intelligence?
  • How can we combine these principles with human organizational behavior and what steps should we take to integrate them into our organizations?
  • What innovative opportunities does SWARM Organization offer and what tools does this model give us to improve the adaptive behavior of the organization?



In this approx. 2,5 hour live Masterclass (language is Dutch) we will elaborate on the ideas, there will be ample time for asking questions and we will conclude with a workshop and surprising eye-openers.

Note: The result of these sessions improves significantly if you have first read the book "Swarm organization". You will receive this well before the start of the Masterclass.


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