Logistics moves the circular economy

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11 October

Event location: Villa Jongerius, Utrecht

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Logistics moves the circular economy

How can the logistics sector help further the transition to a circular economy?

"Many entrepreneurs and companies feel the need to deal more effectively with their raw materials and energy. More added value and less waste; this calls for process optimization. The role of the logistics sector is twofold in this regard:

  • To better direct the chain
  • Better organizing the return logistics

This year, the fifth working conference 'Logistics Moves the Circular Economy' will take place.  The central question in this is: How can the logistics sector be a driving force to realize circular value chains? What do companies need to take serious steps in scaling up? What research questions need to be answered for this and what needs to change in policy and regulations?

The initiative for this conference lies with a broad and ambitious group of organizations: Lectorenplatform Logitimo, TKI Dinalog, Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA, foundation Transactieland, Evofenedex, foundation Het Groene Brein and the Transitieagenda Consumptiegoederen.

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