Live event 'day of smart logistics'

Item date:

15 March

Event location: Culture Port Veghel

Hele dag -

'Without transport, everything stands still' is a well-known slogan. Smart logistics (data) applications, however, ensure that transporters can also drive efficiently, sustainably and safely. This is not only interesting for logistics entrepreneurs, but just as important for governments. Find out how you can get involved on March 15.

On March 15, the 'Day of Smart Logistics' will take place in Veghel, organized by team Smart Logistics of SmartwayZ.NL. During this day they will make visible what logistics data can mean for your organization. 

During inspiration sessions various logistics data applications will be discussed, such as Connected Transport Corridors, Last Mile Guidance and OrderBetter. You can directly join current initiatives or discuss the possibilities, specific to your organization, with the project leaders. Moreover, you can gain even more information and inspiration on the Knowledge Square and of course network.