Inspiration event Life Science, Health & Food

Item date:

12 April

Event location: Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo

Hele dag -

More and more attention is being paid to the importance of nutrition in preventing disease. The relationship between nutrition and health is obvious, but to a large extent it is still virgin territory. Both within the life sciences, health care and food sector there is a lot of work being done on innovations.

The power lies in collaboration. What new opportunities arise then? Do we want personalized drinks with ingredients that keep us healthy? Will we use smart apps in our personal (di)eating choices? What are tips when entering into special nutrition contracts with health insurers? What challenges do the aforementioned sectors see and what exactly can they learn from another?

During the free inspiration event Life Sciences, Health & Food on April 12, organized by LifetecZONeHealth Valley and Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, we will bring together entrepreneurs from all networks.

We are going to look at where we can help and inspire each other, because ultimately we all want to be able to live longer in good health from 2050!