Insects as food

Item date:

28 June

Event location: Villafloraweg 1 Venlo

14:00 - 17:15

In collaboration with Insect Valley Europe (IVE) and INSECT SCHOOL, team Agropole is pleased to invite you to the event: Insects as food. The search for alternative proteins continues, insects would be a good alternative for this. More and more insects play a role in both animal and human nutrition, but how does this work? Which insects can we use and how can they be used in food?

Our speakers will be happy to bring you up to speed on developments about insects processed in or into food. Information about Insect Valley Europe, as well as the use of insects in fish feed and insects as human consumption will be covered. In addition, we will visit INSECT SCHOOL where we will get a guided tour. INSECT SCHOOL is focused on openness, gaining experience, sharing and transparency. Sharing knowledge and insights helps everyone move forward in the development and innovation of products, services and organizations in the sector. The INSECT SCHOOL offers individuals and companies the opportunity to try out insect production and gain experience with it in specially designed and equipped rooms without major investment risks. As a (starting / interested) entrepreneur you can rent these fully equipped rooms and experience what it is like to produce and process insects. Finally, you can use this opportunity to network.

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