Hacking Health Maastricht

Item date:

24 June - 26 June

Event location: The Masters Wijck

18:00 - 17:00

From Friday 24 to Sunday 26 June, students, patients, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, programmers and other interested parties will be working on problems and issues related to healthcare in Maastricht and the surrounding area. The best team wins a prize!


About this event

With MUMC+, Brightlands and Maastricht University we are working on the care and health of tomorrow. A healthcare hackathon can be of great help and we are therefore happy that we can host the 5th edition this year!

From a challenge/idea/problem to a prototype in 2 days, that's the challenge teams of enthusiastic health care innovators are going for. And everyone has a health care innovator in them. Whether you are a patient, caregiver, doctor, nurse, technician, programmer, designer or otherwise enthusiastic, you can make the difference!

We are looking for challengers and solvers, together with our guidance and with input from experts and coaches, to think out and shape the solutions.

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