Getting started with corporate data?

Item date:

19 October

Event location: Roerpoort Business Center, Deer

18:00 - 20:30

Getting started with corporate data?

Getting started with corporate data?

Keyport and Zuyd Professional Roermond invite you!

Come to the informative, practice-oriented session on Wednesday, October 19 from 18:00 - 20:30
You are welcome at the Business Center Roerpoort, Boven de Wolfskuil 3 in Herten. Free of charge!

An initiative of Deeltijd ICT & Techniek, Zuyd Professional Roermond, lectorate Future Proof Financial and Keyport.

Data driven work? Get caught up on 19 October

The market is changing enormously, developments are happening fast and the future is unpredictable. What does that mean for your organization? Do you make decisions based on gut feelings or do you let objective data play a role? What data do you actually have and what can you do with it all? One thing is certain: good insight and smart use of data is crucial. After this session you can get to work with it! What are we going to do?

There will be various practical examples. From the cafeteria on the corner and the traditional metal processor to the international wholesale and the multinationals of this world. At the same time you can determine 'the score' of your own organization. Where do you stand now with your company? Based on that insight you will get practical tools to work with your data.

What does it give you?

During the session you will get concrete answers to the following questions:
1. Where do I get my data from?
2. Which analyses can I perform? Think of predicting prices, maintenance, sales.
3. What are the differences and similarities between data analysis, data driven work and AI?
4. Which four questions can I start with tomorrow? And what do I need the day after tomorrow?


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