Future Farming & Food Experience

Item date:

31 May

Event location: Farmhouse of the Future, Edelhertweg 1 Lelystad

09:30 - 18:00

On Tuesday, May 31, NPPL and Boerderij van de Toekomst in Lelystad will organize 'Future Farming & Food Experience'. Get inspired about what your farm will look like in 2030 and what is already possible with the newest technology!

During the 'Future Farming & Food Experience' you can discuss the agriculture of the future and learn about the associated challenges and solutions in various ways. You can:

  • In the fieldlab of Boerderij van de Toekomst you can explore with colleagues and researchers what you can do to make your farm (1) climate proof and (2) how you can contribute to biodiversity within a productive agricultural system. We have designed these in-depth sessions in a surprising way. How this will work exactly, you will discover on the 31st!
  • Assess the soil of the fieldlab and apply to participate in a Citizen Science project with the soil on your own farm.
  • Take part in the dialogue in the fieldlab
  • Start the dialogue in various sessions with colleagues and business people on various topics:
    • Crop protection. How do I keep my crop healthy in the future?
    • Technology/data. What is the role of technology on the farm in 2030?
    • Earnings Models. The big question for every farmer: how do I make money from my farm in the future?
    • Circular Fertilization. Manure and fertilizer are becoming increasingly expensive: is circular fertilization the solution?  
  • Speed dating with researchers, chain partners, civil society organizations and policy makers. This way you can share the challenges of the future for your company and ask your questions to someone outside your own network.
  • Have your idea of the future visualized by a cartoonist!


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