E-commerce Minor Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Item date:

25 April

Event location: Online

09:00 -

Both B2C and B2B customers are increasingly using online channels and capabilities in the customer cycle. In doing so, they expect ever higher service, fast delivery and convenience.

In order to meet this expectation, organizations will digitize more and more processes, this has a major impact on purchasing, sales, customer service and logistics. The digitization of the commercial process is called e-commerce. For organizations, this creates opportunities in the field of internationalization and tapping into new sales channels such as marketplaces.

Facets of e-commerce

In this minor the student will delve deeper into the various facets of e-commerce. They learn how to shape a strong e-commerce strategy, what is involved in e-fulfilment, how to use CRM data cleverly to turn customers into loyal customers and what trends and developments are taking place. In the skills line, attention is paid to managing and compiling product information, collecting and using customer data and using tools such as Google Ads, YOAST SEO, Facebook Businessmanager, Mailchimp or Google Analytics. All this knowledge is directly applied in the practical assignment. For 8 weeks, the students will make an in-depth analysis of a company's current e-commerce strategy. Based on that analysis, they will formulate an advice for improvement.