Digitization: solution to the staff shortage in the hospitality industry?

Item date:

08 March

Event location: Country estate Vaeshartelt

Hele dag -

The Tourism & Recreation sector is pre-eminently the sector where people are the focus. Personal attention is very important. The last two years we see more and more that digital solutions enter. Using apps to access the menu, for example. You almost don't look at it anymore. But there is much more that can and is happening. And in these times of acute staff shortages, it can ensure that you can reduce the workload of your staff and that your customer contact remains optimal.

We will show you the latest trends and developments on March 8. Tourism and recreation entrepreneurs tell inspiring stories about how they have embraced digital solutions in their business. And we will take you through the support that the LimburgTourism program of LIOF can offer.
That morning we'll be broadcasting from Buitengoed Vaeshartelt. You can of course follow it from your home or workplace. But fortunately we also have space to receive 40 entrepreneurs on location. We are doing this broadcast together with our partners (Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, Hiswa-Recron and FoodLAB).


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