DAW Climate caravan

Item date:

13 October

Event location:

Hele dag -

DAW Climate caravan

DAW Climate caravan

What do farmers and gardeners notice about climate change on the farm? How do they anticipate weather extremes and how can we prepare further? Discuss this with agricultural entrepreneurs from South Limburg during the DAW Climate caravan.

DAW and LNV, after clay, sand and peat, will now enter into conversation with agricultural entrepreneurs on October 13, 2022 about challenges and solutions in relation to climate change on the unique South Limburg soil type löss.

Farmers, policymakers and chain and area parties will visit several farms and enter into a discussion about the following themes's:

  • Impact of more extreme weather on the farm and the region;
  • Water availability and drought;
  • Plant and soil health;
  • Innovations in sector and area;
  • Action perspective for the agricultural entrepreneur;
  • How can the agricultural sector contribute to solutions in the area;
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