AI Inspiration Session

Item date:

06 October

Event location: Supply Chain Valley Venlo

15:30 - 17:00

AI Inspiration Session

AI Inspiration Session

In the inspiration session we will discuss AI developments in the market, explore several concrete AI applications in the region in terms of business impact and give more insight into the program of the Brightlands AI Academy.    The Brightlands AI Academy program offers HBO/WO-educated employees a training program to update their knowledge of Data Science & AI methods and techniques. In this way they are better able to identify, analyze and validate opportunities for AI applications in their own organization for business value. The program includes 12 full-time teaching days and is composed of course material from Maastricht University and Fontys ICT.

But the AI Academy is more than just knowledge transfer! We challenge participants to bring a data-driven idea and, parallel to studying the theory, to develop this idea into a business case. For this purpose, the Academy facilitates a subject coach to guide the participant in addition to the lessons. The business case is pitched by the participant to his/her sponsor or employer at the end of the curriculum. In this way, a data-driven idea is immediately developed that can be applied in the participant's own organization.

Not unimportant is the cost of the training program. This will also be discussed during the inspiration session. There are several options for covering the costs, such as the government subsidy scheme for retraining in promising professions in ICT and engineering. In addition, Limburg SME'ers are stimulated to innovate in the field of digitalization by LIOF with the CollectiefProject. A speaker from LIOF will be present to answer all questions about this.

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